Friday, April 07, 2006


Once upon a time i used to see all the matches follow them like crazy and man was a cricket maniac, but now it doesn't make a difference who is playing and who is winningg. it seems strange coming from a person who used to wake up at 4 to see australia destroy zimbabwe at home.
why have i lost interest in this game?? am i the only one??
Also this reservation shit is stupid..... why do we ppl of general class be subjected to these stupid tortures while these sc/st/obc enjoy??? Mandal sucked and congress is the biggest leech on the country.
alking about leeches khandekar is also one of them..... gotta know he'll be teaching us again next semester....SHIT!!!!!!!
why does aphale get special treatment from the HOD??Why his stupid subject is being kept as elective and why no fiber optics?? I will talk to the HOD today.....Chaitrali mam is supportive but god knows how dat stupid HOD can be convinced. i think we can have reservations for the HOD's post. only mentally challenged and infinitelly stupid people who could not do anything should be allowed to become HODs coz here all of them already are!!

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