Monday, April 06, 2009

Why I miss the Late 80s and early 90s of Bollywood…

  • Guns had unlimted ammunition
  • The henchmen of the goons have learnt how to shoot
  • Villains no longer have fancy names
  • Heroes are no longer invincible
  • No more thakurs exist in the village anymore
  • Rape scenes have reduced
  • Actresses fight and not get hit in the head and faint
  • The hero doesn’t have a younger sister going to college (and waiting to be raped)
  • The whole village doesn’t dance in fancy clothes behind the main cast
  • There are no songs with hidden nuances and double meaning which can be enjoyed.
  • There is no tall black goonda who beats the hero before dying and shouting “AAAAAA” in a horrible way.
  • Movie titles do not contain words like Badla, Saugandh, Zindagi and stuff.
  • Heroes are no longer farmers and sons of poor farmers.
  • There is no kindly soul who does some qurbani so that the hero/heroine become something in life.
  • No more melodramatic mothers who wear white saris and stitch clothes for the hero so that the hero can become Bada aadmi.


  1. Welcome back.
    Do i get an Ipod for being first?

  2. y are you back, who asked you to come back?
    what do i get for reading the entire thing!!

  3. You will get "Continuum Transfunctioner" a very powerful and mysterious device — its mystery is only exceeded by its power!

  4. gud to read ur wrds again :)

  5. Some more..

    The punches aren't accompanied by "dhishummm" in the background.

    Multiple (fat) dancers in eye-hurting ghagras and dhotis don't magically appear and start synchronized movements without the "hero" and "heroine" realizing.

    Guddi Maruti