Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fevicol Ad Campaign:

In the late nineties, Fevicol, a brand of Pidilite Industries had the same boring ad where two groups of people were trying to separate two pieces of wood joined by Fevicol, and they failed. The ad was further extrapolated to 2 elephants trying to do the same job (it’s the trademark of Fevicol). The ads were boring to say the least.
Enter O & M and Piyush Pandey.
The ad was the Cannes award winning hen and egg advertisement. It had a cook who was making omelet and was breaking eggs for the same. One of the eggs failed to break, as much he tried. The ad ended with the cook seeing that the hen was eating its food from a container of Fevicol. The ad didn’t have a single dialogue and yet it shouted the message across so brilliantly. The ad got a Cannes Lion and rest they say is history.
Another ad which was for Feviquick was another masterpiece. This ad was shot in a day at Powai Lake in Mumbai. This ad featured a full professional fisherman who was with all equipment and was trying to catch a fish. In came a naïve South Indian singing on the top of his voice. Our fisherman hushes him up. The guy unabashed puts THREE dots of Feviquick on a flat piece of wood and dips it in. And presto! There are FOUR fishes stuck on the wood. The fisherman just looks on. A voice over says, "Chutki Mein Chipkaye, Feviquick!" (Sticks in a moment, Feviquick). The ad again won an Abby.
The ad campaign has been winning awards each year since ages and comes up with ads that surprise everyone and are absolutely brilliant. These ads contributed a lot to rise of Piyush Pandey’s image as the ace copywriter of the country. Personally I think the idea is now pretty tired that an image of Fevicol can stick everything in its vicinity but if everyone loves it, who I to say anything am!!


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