Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Chronicles Of Narnia

This year the movie The Chronicles Of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was released internationally. Based on the series of novels by C.S. Lewis, the movie had a truckload of special effects. The effect was fantastic, especially the Lion Aslan (that was the name of the lion) talking. The movie tells us about the magical land of Narnia which is under the spell of Jadis – The white witch who has caused winter without Christmas since the last hundred years. Very childish one would say but then again it is intended to be a novel for children, just that adults (like me!) enjoy them as much.
The movie was brilliantly directed by Andrew Adamson, who kept the balance between faithfulness to the novel and the director’s vision. The acting was great especially by the girl who played Lucy. She lit up the screen every time she smiled. The action sequences were handled beautifully.
Then again the novel had a certain demarcation between good and evil. Except the fact that one of the characters turned over to the dark side but came back blah blah… the same old story again, the storyline is remarkably straight.
It has been said that the book had an underlying Christian theme. This can be seen in all the children’s novels from that period. Be it The Hobbit or this one (I know only too!!), the underlying Christian message is all to evident.
Nowadays the works by children’s authors are more bold and better etched according to modern tastes (that has to occur!! Isn’t it too evident??) These works come from an entirely different time, a simpler time. Now there is no clear good or evil, everyone is selfish. These works personally appeal more to me.

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