Saturday, July 22, 2006

Still Burns the Fire within

When the patience wears thin
When surroundings turn dark
Anything you do feels like a sin
You still want to leave your mark
Eroding passions, lost hopes
Broken down man, shattered dreams
Hopes piercing broken glass
I see pieces of me scattered around
The pupils of my life dilated
And all emotions depilated
But I stand tall
Watching my dreams fall
My life is a never ending ocean
Where every drop a tear of failure
Every failure, a story of pain
Every pain, a ocean in itself
Dreams are running away from me
Insanity eating me from inside
I stand beneath the sky, losing my religion
Cornered by the undying pain
A lonely voice I call
Screams of despair killing me
Still burns the fire within
My sensations burnt my life ashes.
----- D S P
Datta, Shashwat, Potnis

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