Tuesday, April 14, 2009


What is it about India that ensures that we have the biggest idiots being born here on regular basis. Latest is an entire group of idiots who have a name for their group, the Samajwadi Party. Now they have decided that computerization has created unemployment and hence they are against it. Also he is against usage of machines in agriculture and wants people to do work manually. (Actually it makes sense, if these guys get elected, they will shut down the IT companies and all the engineers will have to search for some work. All these unemployed people can be used to work on the farms.)
He also has issues with high corporate salaries and thinks that corporates be paid minimum wage as decided by the government... Yeah right Einstein and who will pay the taxes? Maybe we will take some money you "allegedly" made while you were the CM? He thinks this will make National Capital!! 
These guys are also anti-English and the party's manifesto also mentions that it will work to abolish schools providing expensive education in English medium. 
To see hypocrisy see their website (anti-computerization at its best huh) which is also in English. Do not miss the section headed 10 Reasons to join Samajwadi Party!


  1. Idiots are born everyday...Sha Na. These guys are talking of anti computer and anti english stuff. English schools will be run by those bodies who will accumulate the money for party cause. Its just the show point mentioned in manifesto to attract the vote bankers.

  2. (Read like"Chai""sandwich")
    "Anti - Englishhhh"

  3. Interesting to see the official website of Samajwadi Party, the home page says,

    "Satyagraha without constructive work is like a sentence without a verb"

    Now thats English!