Friday, April 14, 2006

The search for the answer:

Since the time of Isaac Newton, scientists have been looking for one thing- Theory of Everything, or TOE or GUT (Grand Unification Theory) they call it. Currently the Most Basic forces of nature are:
Gravitation Force
Electroweak Forces
Strong Force

Now the unification fails as soon as gravity comes into picture. Since it actually becomes effective when the masses are huge, the effect of the force becomes very weak as soon as we talk at microscopic level. The Universal Constant of Gravitation, G is so small (6.67 X 10-11) that it’s in fact absurd to think that gravity has any role to play when we talk about distances so small.

Quantum mechanics (which defines behavior of particles in microscopic world) and Gravitational Theory have always been at loggerheads. But when it comes of analysis of place where there is a huge mass concentrated at a point (case in point, center of black hole, universe at the time of big bag), we need a synergy between them.

Personally I feel there is something wrong in the whole Quantum Mechanics structure. This feeling is shared by many for the simple reason that results Quantum Mechanics throws up are so weird (that’s the only way to describe them!!) But I agree that’s how nature works. The essential problem lies in the fact that how this theory was developed. Unlike Einstein’s theory of Relativity (General theory described Gravitation) where the theory was given by pure genius and intuition (by no means I tend to disrespect the great Quantum Mechanics’ researchers) and then the results were confirmed, in Quantum Mechanics always we tended to see the results and fitted the theory to confirm the result. Now after 100 years of doing this the theory has described all possible permutations and hence all new results tend to fit the theory.

The big question is WHEN?? When will someone give us the answer?? I feel that the one who will do it won’t be a Doctorate or even have masters. He will be a young student of science who believes that this thing is wrong and has teachers who believe that they are teaching the wrong stuff. Too far fetched I am thinking!

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  1. well yes
    sometimes yes i do feel in the same way
    lets wait n search for the answers